2020 Summer Emmaus

Online Registration Instructions:
1. Complete this online registration form
2. Submit your deposit or full payment
3. Receive your email confirmation
4. Submit all necessary travel forms and documentation

Please note: All cancellations forfeit the deposit fee; however, registrants may apply their deposit to another tour within twelve months of their initial registration date. If you choose to pay the required initial deposit only, subsequent payments can be made by calling 1-855-700-CHLS (2457). The full balance must be submitted by the specified deadline for this program. This information, along with the required travel forms, can be found on the "Event Homepage" link located at the top right of this screen (or the bottom for those using a mobile device).

Regarding Group Registrations:
If you are planning to register anyone in addition to yourself, please be aware of the following:

• We strongly recommend that you do not register other people apart from your spouse or children to whom you are a parent or legal guardian.

• If you do decide to register additional persons who are not a part of your immediate family, you must have each person's permission before registering him or her. Furthermore, you will be held responsible for the non-refundable deposit and all other fees associated with the additional person(s) you have registered.

• The first person registered will serve as the primary contact person for the group, and an email address will be required. Registration confirmation and payment receipts will be sent to this email address. Please be sure that the first person you enter is the desired primary contact person for the group.

• Finally, if no other email addresses or contact information is provided for the additional registrants, you will then be solely responsible for all additional program correspondence. This includes but is not limited to email communications, pre-trip mailing(s), and especially making sure that our office has all of the necessary documentation required for each individual registrant by the specified due date.

By proceeding, you consent that you have read through the information provided on the webpage for this specific program and that you agree to the terms and conditions located on the travel forms.